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Benefits Of A Home Exercise And Fitness Program

The benefits of a home exercise and fitness program can be summed up in simple terms as a quality of life question. Of course everyone will have their own idea of the level of fitness they would like to be at, and different reasons for wanting to start a home exercise and fitness program. We all should strive to be in good physical condition based upon our goals and personal limitations. 

It is not necessary to go out and run a marathon, or to be able to lift a 500 pound barbell to be able to consider your home exercise program a success. Being aware of your own fitness level, as well as were you feel you should be is the first step in starting your home fitness program.

Well actually it should be your second step, the first being a visit to your doctor, especially if you are in poor physical condition, or have some physical problems which might be aggravated in a home exercise program. 

Our goal is to improve our health with a proper and safe program, which will lead to increasing our ability to stay healthy and injury free, now and in the future. If we ignore our body in our younger years, we are just going to pay for it as we get older.

If a exercise and fitness program is started when we are younger, it will be much easier to continue the program as we get older because our bodies will be used to the exercise routines, and it will be a part of our life, almost like a habit. 

Some folks have jobs or hobbies which keep them active and have a head start on the majority of people. Today many people work in office type positions which may have high demands placed on them, but it is mental work, which also may be very stressful.

While the first group could still benefit from a program which concentrated on the parts of the fitness equation which they are missing out on, it is the second group who are at the biggest risk, and would benefit from a well rounded home exercise and fitness plan the most. 

The hardest part of getting started on a fitness plan will be the first month or so. If you are not used to doing much, start slow, you will be sore after doing very little exercising. As you keep going you will find yourself being able to do more, and more.

The big thing is to keep your eye on the prize and remember what you are working for. It won't be long until you start noticing the results, and when this happens it will give you a big boost in confidence, and the will to do even more.

Here is a quick little list of some common things that can get us thinking about our fitness, see if any of them fit you. 

  • Do you go out of your way to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, because you don't like what you see?

  • Are you experiencing pain or aches in your knees, hands, back etc. that aren't caused by an old injury?

  • Is your closet filled with clothes that used to fit, but they seem to have shrunk :)
  • Do you have problems with even simple daily activities which require some level of physical exertion?

  • Or do you find yourself avoiding physical things because you are afraid you will not be able to do them?

  • Have your family or friends shown concern for your health and fitness?

  • Has your doctor suggested that you consider concentrating on your physical condition? 

So what is the next step in our Home Exercise and Fitness plan?

1. Make an appointment with your doctor to talk about your plans to begin a exercise and fitness program. The first thing your doctor should do is determine that you can safely begin a home exercise and fitness program, and if there are any limits he feels you need to be aware of.

2. Before you start there are a few measurements you will want to get before you begin so you can keep track of how well you are doing with your program. Get a good scale for your home. You will want to be able to weigh yourself on the same scale, and it is best to be able to weigh first thing when you get up.

3. Something else you will want to keep track of is your BMI. This measurement is a indicator of your body fat, and as you continue with your exercise plan this will come down, especially if your weight is an issue in your fitness plan. BMI calculators can be found on many websites, or your doctor should be able to help you with the calculations.

4. If weight loss is a part of your fitness plan you will want to record your waist measurement for a starting point. When we think of weight loss we think of our waist size going down, and will be a good indication that our home exercise and fitness program is working, and our health is improving.

5. Write down what your goals are for the short term, as well as for the long term. Be sure to review your goals on a regular basis, and revise them if needed.

This overview of the benefits of a home exercise and fitness program is just meant to show the potential benefits, and we will get into more specific topics in the following pages.