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Cut Expenses With Your Home Exercise Program

In the economy of the times many folks just can't afford the expense of joining a gym, and instead opt for exercising at home. Your home exercise program doesn't have to be fancy, and your body will not care if you have the best workout equipment for home use, or if you learn how to make exercise equipment that you can use.

The most important thing is to find the best home fitness program which fits you, and then to make sure you are getting motivated to exercise, to get the best benefits from your home fitness program.

When you have a gym membership there are other expenses to consider besides the basic membership cost.

When you decide exercising at home is a viable option you will save on fuel costs, along with the other little things you are expected to pitch in with.

Your home exercise program should also save you time. This will include your travel time, as well as the time you might have to wait to use a machine.

Saving this time has another benefit, if you have to go somewhere to work out you may find you are having a hard time getting motivated to exercise, and your home exercise program will cut out this excuse for missing your workout.

How to exercise at home with no equipment

To begin your home exercise program you need to start out with the best home fitness program for your situation and budget. There are many free home exercise plans available. You will need to take some time to study them, and then make an educated decision about what will be the best home fitness program to go with.

If you are way out of shape, and also need to lose a lot of weight, be sure to look for a plan which is centered around beginners. If you try to get to aggressive with your home exercise program, you will probably end up discouraged, and have a hard time getting motivated to exercise.

Ways to get exercise

Just putting on your walking shoes and going out into your neighborhood is a great form of exercise, especially for the beginner. Be sure to walk at a brisk pace to best burn of the calories, and to get a cardiovascular workout too.

Jogging and Running
Once you have built up your stamina with walking, it is time to consider picking up the pace even more with jogging. Once you begin jogging your weight loss and physical fitness will increase.

Hiking can really help when it comes to getting motivated to exercise. Hiking allows you to get have a good time enjoying nature, while getting a good cardio workout. You will be able to chose from different trails, and also decide on what difficulty you want to tackle. Bring your family along and you can all discover new ways to get exercise, and spend time together.

You remember these, the old standbys like pushups, situps, jumping jacks, squats, etc. To exercise in your home using these exercises, all you need is a big enough space with some headroom, and a free home exercise plan.  Part of calisthenics would be stretching for flexibility exercises.  You can always find a way to do some stretching exercises even when you are away from home.

So that all sounds great, but depending upon where you live you might not be able to do these things year round due to the weather. If you use all the good days of the year, you will get the most benefit from your home exercise program.

Free exercise equipment for the home.

We are looking at how to exercise at home with no equipment, but you may already have some home exercise equipment you acquired in the past, or maybe you know someone who has something just sitting around that they would allow you to borrow, or even have.

When you tell them that you are looking for ways of exercising at home, and you are really getting motivated to exercise and that machine they have sitting there gathering dust would be one of the ways to get exercise for you.

You are getting motivated to exercise, and their motivation to exercise has long ago left, they might just want to rid themselves of the reminder of their own failure with exercising at home, and give it to you. If not, maybe you can borrow it.

The figures seem to show that 75% to 85% of the exercise equipment for the home that is purchased in the United States is put into storage by the end of the first year of ownership. Right now you are really getting motivated to exercise, but where will you be in a year.

If you really want a specific piece of equipment, try holding off until you are sure if you will stick with your home exercise program. Another option would be to look at used equipment. Again these sellers may be highly motivated to sell their exercise equipment for the home for the same reasons we mentioned before.

How to make exercise equipment work for you. 

If you need to have exercise equipment just go for the very basics to begin. You might want to consider a treadmill for those days you can't venture outside. For the most part you should be able to get started exercising at home with things like a set of free weights, exercise ball, and a exercise mat. These few items should be a good start, and very inexpensive too.

If you will start getting motivated to exercise now, while you look for the best home fitness program to use in your home exercise program you will be off to a great start. There are lots of ways to get exercise, and we have tried to show you some inexpensive ways to exercise at home with no equipment, or free equipment.