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Your Home Exercise Equipment Choices

Here we will look at some of the basics when it comes your home exercise equipment choices.  Before looking at individual pieces of home exercise equipment, things like your budget, and the space you have to setup and store your home work out equipment.  Your home gym exercise program is something you will want to make long term plans for.  If you don't have the space to store and workout at home with equipment, you might want to look at doing home workouts without equipment.

The Elliptical Trainer: 

The elliptical trainer is arguably the most popular pieces of work out equipment for home.  It offers one of the best at home exercise, that being a low impact fitness routine.  

The elliptical trainer provides a home exercise program which simulates walking, and running, while at the same time helps protect your joints from excessive wear and tear due to the low impact nature of the exercises. 

Adjustments can be made to the elliptical trainer to allow for varied intensity workouts, which allows you to adjust it for your present fitness level, but also allows for expanded levels of exercise as your fitness level increases.  This wide range of adjustment also allows for different members of your household to use the machine with ease.

The price range for elliptical trainers usually falls between about $700 to as much as $4,500, so it definitely pays to shop around.

The Treadmill:

When looking for the best at home exercise, many people will decide on the treadmill. Long considered the number one choice for home gym equipment, the treadmill offers the user the opportunity to mimic the motions of walking, running, and jogging, all while in the comfort of your home gym. 

This allows for the continuation of the home exercise program even during occasional inclement weather. The treadmill is also great for those folks who happen to live in areas that have the more extreme seasonal weather. 

It might be the scorching heat of summer in places like Texas, or Arizona, or the harsh cold of Michigan, or Montana, it doesn't really matter when you can continue your home exercise routine in the safety of your own home. 

Something to take into consideration is that the treadmill is not as forgiving on the body joints, because it isn't low impact like the elliptical trainer.

Treadmill prices range from around $1,000 to $3,500 or more, all depending upon the options and manufacturer you are looking for. 

  • You need to look for a machine which has a solid and heavy duty frame as its foundation. 

  • Make sure the Treadmill has a weight rating which will cover anyone in your household who may want to use it now, or in the future. 

  • The wider the treadmill belt, the better.  It is much easier to workout when you are not worrying about stepping off the belt because it is to narrow.

  • Speed is one adjustment you have on a treadmill, but another feature to look for is a adjustable incline setting, and make sure the incline setting is fairly easy to adjust.

The Exercise Bike:

The exercise bike is popular among those looking for a cardio workout.  It allows the person to get their workout without having the high impact wear and tear on their body like jogging would cause.

Exercise bikes usually look somewhat like a regular bicycle but are designed to be stationary.  Another option for exercise bikes are the machines called recumbent machines.

A recumbent machine work pretty much the same as the regular stationary bike with the exception that the rider is in a more inclined position.  The different riding position allows for better lower back support, and less stress on the knees. 

A basic exercise bike can be found for around $200 to $1,000, but a machine which has features that will simulate a ride over real roads, with automatic changes to the settings, which make it feel like you are climbing a hill, or facing a headwind, costing several thousands of dollars.

Stair Stepper, or Step Machine

The stair stepper, or step machine is a machine which is designed to give a workout similar to walking up and down stairs.  The workout works on building up the muscles in the lower body, as well as an excellent cardio exercise routine.  The stair stepper should have a way to adjust the resistance for different users.

The stair stepper should probably not be considered the best investment of money if you are working on a limited budget, or limited space.  Due to the design it is not nearly as versatile as some of the other machines we have looked at, and would be better left for a future purchase.

Rowing Machines

Offer the chance to get pretty much a full body workout with one machine.  The rowing machine attempts to work the body in the same way as someone rowing a boat.  The rowing machine works on the upper body with the actual rowing motion, while the lower body is exercised with the pushing off motion.

These rowing machines have one big advantage, they usually do not require a lot of space to use, or just as importantly they can be stored in small places.  These are the machines you might have seen on TV being folded up and placed under a bed, or in the corner of a closet.

If your space is tight, or you can only afford to purchase one piece of home exercise equipment, you really should take a hard look at the rowing machine.

Weight Resistance Equipment

The weight resistance equipment would include simple free weights, to the super multi station home gyms.

Free weights while being the least expensive option, are also the most dangerous, and should only be done with a partner, for spotting.  Free weights would definitely be the easiest to store, and do not require a lot of room to use.

The multi station home gyms are in a league of their own as far as how much space they will require, and the prices may just give you sticker shock just like buying a car.

If you are considering making the investment in one of these do it all setups for your home exercise equipment choices, be sure to do your homework, and don't rush into your decision.